Renato Palmiero

Commercial & Design Manager

Renato Palmiero loves to bring a client’s ideas and architect’s sketches to life in a way that shows off the design flair and creates something stunning – something they can all be proud of. And to do it on time and on budget.

It’s a creative process, as well as highly analytical. Each project brings its own set of challenges – to find the right materials and products, the right suppliers and processes, and solutions that can offer cost savings yet preserve the design vision.

Detailed planning and extensive industry knowledge and experience underpin Renato’s capacity to solve engineering and construction puzzles, and create accurate project plans that bring all elements together, seamlessly.

As Design Manager, Renato delivers the client’s requirements from concept to the building permit stage, working closely with the client, consultants, authorities and other stakeholders.

As Commercial Manager, he also looks after the systems and procedures that ensure the project delivers on the contract and complies with all quality and regulatory requirements.

It’s not a 9-5 job, he insists. “Issues can be raised at any time and I always do whatever it takes to make clients happy.”

Renato has accumulated his industry knowledge and skills over 28 years.


- Bachelor of Engineering (Construction) Curtin University of Technology
- Registered Builder (WA)