Church House
Church House

A major component of the St. Georges Heritage Precinct redevelopment project was the complete refurbishment of the Public Trustees building and demolition of the abutting Law Chambers building breathing new life into existing resources, creating a valuable new asset for both the city of Perth and the Perth Diocesan Trustees.

Renamed Church House, the existing building was stripped back to its structural skeleton and re-clad in a fitted glass and terracotta tile façade. In addition to a complete internal refit - finishes, fixtures, lifts - the ground floor was opened up to invite foot traffic. Floor plates were extended to expand available space, and a new eleventh floor was added.

Designed by Cameron Chisholm Nicol, Church House is being hailed as an outstanding example of urban planning, design, and redevelopment.

Project Overview

Client: The Perth Diocesan Trustees

Contract Duration: 104 weeks

Project Status: Completed 2014