Decmil Group
Decmil Group

The upper most floor was fitted out as the executive floor for Decmil Group and also a gymnasium. The lower two floors were fitted out to accommodate Decmil Australia. The design needed to differentiate the executive level from the other levels, whilst maintaining a close relationship. The handover of floors was then staged to allow Decmil to relocate from other premises nearby.

As the works were getting close to completion, a fourth floor was negotiated for fit-out. This was done whilst Decmil was in occupation of the other floors in a four week time frame. The total project encompassed 3,800 sqm2 across four floors. Careful consideration had to been taken into account with regards to how the different areas of the business interacted to ensure a greater productivity was achieved for the business. The end result has raised the Decmil image to match their project delivery capabilities.

Project Overview

Client: Decmil Group

Contract Duration: 5 months

Project Status: Completed 2010