Karrakatta Mausoleum
Karrakatta Mausoleum

Northerly completed construction of the Stage 6 Mausoleum at Karrakatta Cemetery whilst working closely with Walter Hunter and Penny Watson Architects and the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board. The 788 Crypts are housed in a total of 13 blocks including a chapel, containing 120 Crypts, and 2 family Rooms.  Also included within the project are a Facilities Room, Amenities Blocks, Solar Power Generation and Rainwater Collection Tanks.

In conjunction with our subcontractors, Northerly produced a twin Crypt prototype using innovative construction techniques.   The finish of this prototype demonstrates Northerly’s absolute commitment to quality and ability to produce work to fine dimensional tolerances. This ensured neat fitting granite and marble to the Crypt faces.

Key issues on site included working within a sensitive area such as the cemetery grounds, protection of existing trees, noise management, traffic management and of course an emphasis on safety and the environment.

Project Overview

Client: Metropolitan Cemeteries Board

Contract Duration: 12 months

Project Status: Completed 2013