Rio Tinto Echo 2
Rio Tinto Echo 2

We are proud to have completed the additional office space of the Rio Tinto remote operations centre at the Perth Domestic Airport. The works involved the construction of a 3-storey office space, with an underground car park, to a base build level.

The building itself includes open office space with a floor plate of 1,200 square metres per floor, with an upper plant deck and an external mechanical chiller plant compound with a cooling storage tower of 500,000L capacity. The external of the building is clad with double glazed window units, high quality Alpolic sheet cladding and CFC panels with an automotive grade painted finish.

The office building is built to an “Australian Excellence” 5-star Green Star level, with sustainable products used throughout. Other environmental initiatives include daylight harvesting, monitored   lighting   levels,   peak   energy   use   reduction and refrigerant use reductions in the mechanical plant. A greywater plant treats water collected from the sinks and basins for re-use in the landscaping surrounding the building.

Challenges during the construction included the connection of the Echo 2 building to the adjoining Echo 1 office across all levels, whilst maintaining a fully operational 24-hour work space for the Rio Tinto staff.

Project Overview

Client: Perth Airport

Contract Duration: 81 weeks

Project Status: Completed 2012