Zig Zag Cultural Centre
Zig Zag Cultural Centre

Located in the heart of historic Kalamunda, a half-hour drive from Perth and adjacent to the Kalamunda History Village, the Zig Zag Cultural Centre combines contemporary and traditional elements to evoke the beauty of the surrounding countryside as well as the rich cultural heritage of the area. Constructed of steel clad in glass to let in plenty of light, the structures showcase organic materials, including natural timbers and rammed earth.

The multipurpose facility houses a visitor centre, art gallery, café, and meeting facility accommodating up to 80 people. Completed in 2011, it has quickly become a hub of community involvement and a valuable asset in supporting the arts and promoting tourism throughout the area.

Project Overview

Client: Shire of Kalamunda

Contract Duration:12 months

Project Status: Completed 2011