Aged Care

A surprising barometer of Australia’s rapidly ageing population is the number of letters from the Queen to people reaching their 100th birthday. In 1952, the year that Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, only 40 letters were needed. In 2015, more than 2,600 Australians made it to their 100th birthday.

Fast-forward to 2044 – almost 30 years away and with someone new on the English throne – more than 18,500 people are expected to reach 100.

It’s the tip of the iceberg of an astonishing growth in Australia’s population aged over 85.

The question is: where and how will they live? Can we provide comfortable, quality living spaces for people that are flexible enough to accommodate their changing health needs as they age?

We all want to be able to choose the lifestyle and living arrangements that best suit our personalities, interests and outlook on life – and that drive doesn’t diminish as we age.

Northerly is up for the challenge, with our experience in creating age-friendly environments that cater for diversity of taste and physical needs. From concept, through design and build, we can help aged care providers to offer warm, welcoming living spaces that support quality lifestyle and care.

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