Civil & Civic

Most of us want to live in or visit vibrant neighbourhoods that give us a sense of belonging, of being part of an embracing, stimulating community.

What draws us to a community is a vital liveliness that comes from the people, but the people are attracted by facilities and amenities – parks, activities, public artworks, interactive features, libraries, cinemas, schools, day care centres, play grounds…

The list is almost endless, which makes for an almost infinite set of possibilities.

Lovingly designed and crafted public amenities can transform a town, a city, a locality, into a thriving hub of cultural diversity and activity. A place where people want to hang out, meet friends, watch the world go by.

Northerly gets enormous satisfaction out of creating unique environments that reflect the individual personalities of communities and encourage community spirit to flourish.

From assisting a client to purchase property, through design, planning and construction, Northerly delights in working sensitively to preserve loved features of old buildings, deliver 21st century amenity and put in place sound infrastructure for successful place activation.

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